My name is Quentin Dupuy.

I am an Entrepreneur guy who loves tech, product and design, based in Paris, France. 🇫🇷

I’m focused on building the next level experiences for humans, this is why I’m working as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for an accounting company known in France with advanced technologies and artificial intelligence.

I have co-founded Comptalib, a strong project that aims to disrupt accounting by technologies. You can find some interviews of me about this project like Les Echos.

I am also working at Leasy, the most ambitious project that I have ever made, at Station F, Paris, France.

I am doing projects with Emmanuel like Oneten, Sailor, Concrete, and Translify under the Nefely name.

I compose music, enjoy video games, love cats and sushis 🍣. I’m addicted to better manage my time. Fun fact : I’ve built a project when i was 14yo, it generated 50k turnover. 💶

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