I'm Quentin Dupuy, 27.

Self-taught Entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and design lover from Paris, France. 🇫🇷

Co-founder of qore with my friend and associate Emmanuel Vlad.


  • qore

    Holding company related to tech products, video games and real estate.

  • Minebox

    Game server company generating as much MRR 💶 as your favorite startup, but with two people.

  • Leasy, station F

    Airbnb for long-term real estate leases.


  • Comptalib, co-founder & cmo

    Stalk my itw on Les Echos or video itw here.

  • Clementine, from internship to cto

    Leading French accounting company

  • Minecraft game server

    💶 Achieved a turnover of 65K€ at the age of 14.